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Week of 2019-02-03 (the 2nd week)

The drywall goes up.

bottom wall stud channel
getting the drywall scaffold ready
installing the wall studs
detail at the front end
some measurements of the wall studs
welder at work
cut the metal cap to length
installing backer boards for a (future) chair rail
measurement of the wall studs
a view of the wall before the drywall
a support for the Holy Oils cabinet (ambry)
support for the holy oils cabinet
where the new meets the old
new door jamb
supports for the chair railing and the Stations hangers
drywall appears
taping the drywall
where the new wall meets the old chapel wall
make sure we know where to hang the Holy Oils cabinet
new wall at the front door wall
in the doorway
sheetrock that was used
finishing up with the drywall
finishing up with the drywall
some four footed neighbors
last daily mass in the chapel for a while
trimming the drywall