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Week of 2019-06-09 (the 20th week)

sprinkler pipes, water line, adding steel

sprinkler pipes
steel work
welding steel
sprinkler pipe installers
cutting steel to fit
sprinkler installers
steel installed
painted sprinkler pipes
sprinkler pipes
sprinkler installers
water line digging equipment
our very own fire hydrant
water line pipes
water line equipment
sprinkler pipe
sprinkler pipe spray heads
fire alarm wiring conduit
the laser marks the spot
steel to support folding partitions
lilies at the rectory
connecting the water line on Larchdale Rd
sprinkler pipe into the old kitchen
moving dirt to be ready to pour cement at the pantry pad
the pantry pad
water line installers
sprinkler pipe installers
sprinkler pipe into the hall
steel support
fire alarm conduit
the pantry pad
pouring the pantry pad
sprinkler installation
water line installation
steel for the flat roof
the sidewalk during construction