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Week of 2019-06-16 (the 21st week)

laying block walls, sprinkler pipes, water line

laying block
welding steel
sprinkler installation
panaroma of the nave, ready for the weeks work
protecting the carpet
starting to lay block for the hall wall
the steel above the hall
adding new steel
lots of workers
removing last of the prayer corner windows
another panaroma of the empty nave
new steel installed
lilies by the rectory chapel
beautifying the speaker wires
removing windows
new steel in place
water line connections
new hall outside walls
covering speaker wires
adding steel, removing old wall
laying block
welding steel
water line under the Larchdale sidewalk
the pantry wall takes shape
outside walls of new hall
pantry wall takes shape
new pantry wall
where the outside wall of the storeroom will be
overhead steel
water line installation
overhead steel
new hall front wall
mortar ingrediants
scaffolding to install sprinkler pipes over the altar
new hall walls
threading sprinkler pipe
pantry wall
welding steel from inside the new pantry
sprinkler pipe scaffold
hall front wall
anniversary of Fr. Mel's ordination
crossing a gas line with the water line
fitting to let the water line dodge the gas line
sprinkler pipe installation scaffold
sprinkler pipe installation scaffold
new hall through the front window
new hall through the side window
new hall roof deck goes in
a view of the new hall during construction
laying pantry block
through the old side doorway
pantry block
store room block
sprinkler pipe scaffolding
clearing rubble through the side doorway
front of new hall during construction
pantry under construction
block for storage room
pantry area
front windows of hall
hall roof decking advances
hall from mid church side
roof decking of the hall
pantry and hall
welding the roof decking
hosta flowers at rectory chapel
getting ready to paint the altar sprinkler pipes
water line work
sprinkler pipes over the altar
new hall addition
new hall pantry
new hall from outside
water line progress
new hall outside
equipment rented for steel work goes back
leveling dumpster full of debris
sprinkler pipe work
new hall space