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Week of 2019-06-23 (the 22nd week)

laying block walls, sprinkler pipes, water line

moving the mixer into place
walls ready to add face block
removing the pad forms
the facing block goes up
sprinkler pipe installation continues
trim the door opening to allow a double door to fit
mixing white mortar for the facing block
wider door opening
edge detail of the old wall construction
framing for the windows
face block goes up
level the ground ahead of water line installation
excavating for water room
another pallet of face block
cutting threads on the pipe
face block goes up
water line trench
removing concrete at end of ild wall, to extend in floor heating
wider central exit door
water meter vault installation
water line progress
removing entry way concrete
finishing face block
meter vault pipes
starting to lay face block on front of the hall
face block complete on pantry and store room
the edge of the heating ducts
framing the soffit edge
laying face block on front of hall
dumping old concrete
lay face block on front of hall
concrete out of old doorway
inside the hall under construction
looking into air ducts
sprinklers in the hallway behind the altar
ready to deal with water from the gutters
preliminary site grading
finishing the front facing block
backfilling the water line meter vault